Bridgeport Transportation and Warehousing

Bridgeport Transportation and Warehousing is located in the heart of the Port of Oakland. We specialize in all aspects of intermodal container drayage, with a specialty in hauling heavy 20' containers on our private fleet of tri-axle chassis. Bridgeport has one of the largest private fleet of triaxle chassis in the Port of Oakland.

Our excellent track record, driver dedication, in-house custom dispatch program, and the hard work of our staff have led to our exponential growth within a couple of years. Today we are a force to be reckoned and a company that commands respect in the industry. With over 10,000 containers (Dry and Reefer Cargo) dispatched annually we are one of the leading trucking companies in the Bay Area.

Bridgeport has a healthy pool of independent owner operator drivers available to be dispatched. Our Oakland office has one of the largest secure yards in the Port of Oakland with 24/7 surveillance. If required we provide container (Dry and Reefer) storage at reasonable rates to our drayage customers only. Due to uncertainty at the port, ship delays etc., many a times container cannot be ingated and the problem is more acute when it is a Refer cargo. We have added Reefer plugs to Mitigate and overcome this situation.